Case Study: Temporary Tattoos

Campaign Start Date

November 2020

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Traffic Value

Starting Value


Current Value


% Increase

+ 992%

About The Company

Temporary Tattoos is the largest manufacturer of temporary tattoos in the world, printing over 7 million temporary tattoos DAILY and boasting over 8000 positive reviews. 

The company came from humble beginnings in 1989 when a young entrepreneur in his garage had an idea that evolved into a well-known enterprise worldwide.

When you see a temporary tattoo in a vending machine at your local pizzeria, in the store at Target, or at your favorite concert, it most likely came from Temporary Tattoos.

Organic Rankings

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Total % Increase Organic Keywords


The Challenge

When Temporary Tattoos first came to Sublime SEO in November 2020, they had recently migrated from one CMS to another, but the site was in pretty dire conditions. From a technical standpoint, it was a complete mess and the migration did not go smoothly. Thousands of URLs were not 301 redirected, they lost 75% of their rankings and 80% of their organic traffic. 

Back in March 2020, before the migration, the site was ranking for 36,427 keywords, 23k organic users per month, and on average 10k in monthly organic sales. When we came on board in November 2020 and assessed the situation, their total keywords dropped to 4,662, organic users dropped to 7,621, and their monthly organic sales dropped to 1.5k.

Our primary goal was to get their rankings and traffic back to the numbers in March 2020 before it crashed.

temporary tattoos keywords
temporary tattoos traffic drop

Organic Traffic Results

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Current Unique Monthly Visitors


% Increase


Our Strategy

Primarily technical focused. The previous migration caused a large amount of technical issues on the site, and without any redirects in place, the organic traffic and rankings fell. The major technical issues we worked on in the first month:

  • Root domain URL issue – redirecting duplicate homepage
  • Implementing 2000+ redirects
  • Optimized a few URLs to boost the rankings
  • Resolved 874 orphan pages and implemented pagination
  • Sitemap issues (3XX redirects, 404s)

After that was complete, we moved on to product and category content optimization, improved navigational experience, and authority building through guest posts and press releases. Not only did we need to do the technical heavy lifting to get those rankings (and ultimately, traffic) back, but we needed to improve the pages so they had a chance to outrank their new competitors.

Traffic Value

Starting Value


Current Value


% Increase

+ 877%

The Results

After 2 years of our SEO campaign, including 3 months of intensive technical work, product and category content optimization, guest posting, and a data-driven blogging plan, Temporary Tattoos is ranking #1 again for the highly sought after keyword “temporary tattoos” with nearly 100k search volume. 

ranking #1 temporary tattoos

Not only that, but we increased their average monthly organic sales to $29,550 – that’s a 3x boost in revenue!

And as for organic keywords, they are now ranking for 30,587 high volume keywords (a 550% increase from 4662!).

Temporary Tattoos has been a challenging, yet rewarding project, and we couldn’t be happier about the results. 

Remember folks: always, always bring on an SEO expert when migrating websites to avoid organic losses as experienced here. It can save you thousands in the end.

Referring Domains

Starting Domains


Starting Domains


% Increase

+ 135%
temporary tattoos referring domains
temporary tattoos traffic value

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