Case Study: Car Care Reviews

Campaign Start Date

November 2020

Campaign End Date

August 2022

Traffic Value

Starting Value


Current Value


% Increase

+ 1,030,220%

About The Company

Car Care Reviews is an online resource that offers valuable content and comparison features to consumers. The team tests and reviews a variety of different DIY car detailing products, from the best performing ceramic sprays and waxes to the most valuable DIY detailing kits on the market. 

Our Strategy

To get more affiliate sales, Car Care Reviews needed to rank #1 for specific product-based terms. When we first started in November 2020, their review page rankings were only bringing in a little bit of traffic, with most of their rankings sitting on the 2nd and 3rd pages of Google.

Our plan was to SEO optimize all their review pages, fix all the technical issues on the site, and start blogging to gain even more exposure. Using high intent and high volume keywords, we optimized their entire site and added a lot more valuable content.

Organic Rankings

Starting Total Keywords


Current Total Keywords


% Increase


The Results

After complete on-page optimization using our AI technology, technical updates and speed optimizations, guest posting, and a data-driven blogging plan, Car Care Reviews is now ranking #1 for 386 high volume keywords (a 67,100% increase!) and their organic traffic has increased by 2745%.

Organic Traffic Results

Starting Unique Monthly Visitors


Current Unique Monthly Visitors


% Increase

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car care reviews traffic
car care reviews traffic value

Sublime SEO helped us come up with a high level strategy to meet our organic search ranking goals. From there, they oversaw the entire SEO implementation, working in tandem with our internal paid traffic initiatives.

Highly recommended.

James Sweeney

Car Care Reviews

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