Case Study: Click Love Grow

Campaign Start Date

July 2020

Campaign End Date

May 2022

Traffic Value

Starting Value


Current Value


% Increase

+ 877%

About The Company

Click Love Grow offers photography courses of all levels, catering to those just starting out with this new hobby, all the way up to advanced photographers looking to hone their skills. They have built a special community of photographers through their members area, allowing other members of the courses to share their progress with one another, and offering constructive critique. 

Our Strategy

We planned to build up their authority through guest posts, optimize the blog for conversions, which included SEO optimization of their content using high intent/high volume keywords and adding opt-ins to the free course, which was their front-end offer. Click Love Grow was only ranking for Australian terms, and since they were an online business, we wanted to expand their reach to the USA to grow their audience and traffic.

Organic Rankings

Starting Total Keywords


Current Total Keywords


% Increase


The Results

After our 2 year campaign, including complete on-page optimization using our AI technology, technical updates and speed optimizations, guest posting, and a data-driven blogging plan, Click Love Grow is now ranking #1 for 5,479 high volume keywords (a 15,120% increase from 36!)

click love grow rankings

Organic Traffic & Conversion Results

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Current Unique Monthly Visitors


% Increase


Starting Monthly Conversions


Current Monthly Conversions


% Increase

click love grow organic traffic
click love grow organic traffic value

Loved working with Megan and her team! She's really helpful, responsive and got our company great results! Thanks so much for your help with growing our SEO! Appreciate the support!

Louise Glendon

Click Love Grow

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